Our ocean in crisis 5-7

Lesson overview

This lesson introduces students to the idea that plastics can damage the ocean. Students find out about an ‘Ocean hero’ and their achievements and create a portrait of that hero describing what they have achieved. For home learning, students make a pledge to change one thing to help the oceans.

Learning outcomes
  • Understand facts about plastics pollution
  • Research an ‘Ocean hero’
  • Draw pictures and write about a significant person
  • Present work to an audience
Lesson steps
  1. Plastics pollution (15 mins)
    Students are introduced to the idea that plastics damage the ocean and discuss how this occurs.
  2. Ocean heroes (15 mins)
    Students find out about an ‘Ocean hero’ and what they have achieved.
  3. My ocean hero (20 mins)
    Students create a portrait of their 'Ocean hero' and write sentences about them.
  4. Presentation time (10 mins)
    Students present their portraits and talk to their peers about why they chose that person. They then reflect on what they can do to make a difference to ocean health.