Our wonderful oceans 5-7

Lesson overview

This lesson introduces students to the marine habitat and encourages a discussion around what students already know about the ocean. Students use globes and maps to discover that we live on a blue planet. They then play a game of marine snap, matching animals to their features. Students then find out about some iconic marine creatures and make a fact sheet about their favourite.

Learning outcomes
  • Name a variety of marine species
  • Understand the scale of the ocean and the species that live there
  • Identify features of living things
  • Record and present findings
  • Ask questions and reflect on learning
Lesson steps
  1. Ocean habitat introduction (5 mins)
    Students are introduced to the marine habitat and share their prior knowledge about the ocean and the creatures that reside there.
  2. The blue planet (15 mins)
    Students study maps and globes to discover how much of the earth is covered in water. Students look at galleries about iconic marine species and play a game of marine snap.
  3. Ocean icons (15 mins)
    Students are introduced to five iconic species, from a range of ocean habitats and gather facts about this species.
  4. Creating a poster (15 mins)
    Students create a fact-sheet poster about their favourite species, drawing and labelling their features.
  5. Reflection (10 mins)
    In pairs students recall three things about the ocean they learnt today. Students reflect on what else they would like to know.