Coral Oceans

Science | Ages 11 - 14

The lesson plans and accompanying activities are designed to introduce classes to what it is like to be an ocean explorer. Each lesson is designed around a 'dive' to investigate a particular science topic. These include identification, classification, food webs and symbiosis, adaptation and human impacts on the environment.

The enquiry-based resources incorporate the scientists' experiences and research, and enable students to explore marine life on the reef and the threats facing it.

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Lesson 1: How do scientists explore underwater ecosystems?

This lesson introduces students to the marine habitat and the wealth and diversity of life found in the ocean. Students will learn how scientists expl…

Lesson 2: How do scientists use classification in coral habitats?

Coral reefs support 25% of all marine life on the planet. During this lesson, students will discover more about the coral ecosystem and the different …

Lesson 3: How is energy transferred on the reef?

Students describe the different techniques species use to get their energy and identify the range of primary producers in the ocean. Students will cre…

Lesson 4: How have reef specialists evolved and adapted?

Students use their knowledge of adaption on the reef to create the ‘ultimate coral animal’ describing the adaptations which will ensure their surv…

Lesson 5: How do forces affect deep coral exploration?

The XL Catlin Seaview expedition also explored the deep reef down to 100 metres. In this lesson students find out about water pressure, the use of spe…

Lesson 6: What is the effect of human impact on the reef?

Students explore the threats faced by coral reefs through gathering information from a range of sources and reflect on the future of coral reefs.

Lesson 7: How do scientists share their findings?

In the last lesson of this unit, students work together to plan and deliver a press conference or report summarising what they have learnt about coral…

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