How to: Use the 3D viewer in Google Earth Pro

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Subject Update How To Use The 3D Viewer Figure 1
Navigation Controls

1. Click on the north-up button to reset the view so that north is at the top of the screen. Click and drag the ring to rotate your view.

2. Use the Look joystick to look around from a single vantage point, as if you were turning your head. Click an arrow to look in that direction or continue to press down on the mouse button to change your view.

3. Use the Move joystick to move your position from one place to another. Click an arrow to move in that direction.

4. Use zoom slider to zoom in or out (+ to zoom in, - to zoom out) or click the icons at the end of the slider.

Keyboard shortcuts
  • Use the arrow keys to move your position around.
  • Use the SHIFT key + the left and right arrow keys to rotate your view.
  • Use the SHIFT key + the up and down arrow keys to move you forward or backwards.
Mouse shortcuts
  • Hold the left mouse button down and drag to change your position.
  • Double click on a location to zoom in.
  • Hold the right mouse button down and drag up and down to zoom (or use the mouse scroll wheel).
  • Hold the right mouse button and drag left and right to rotate your view.