Which MPA proposal is the best?

Lesson Overview

Following on from last lesson, students have a debate from the perspective of the different stakeholders. After this students’ will demonstrate their learning from lessons 5-7 by completing a long answer question evaluating two proposals for a new community Marine Protected Area in Com. The context of the lesson is to bring the learning from previous lessons together in order to help decide where the students might place their MPA in their final lesson.

Learning outcomes
  • Describe how different people use the reef
  • Describe how a no-take zone would affect different stakeholders
  • Explain why a stakeholder might be for or against an MPA on the reef
  • Consider the impact of the MPA on a range of stakeholders and justify the decision to place an MPA in Com, Timor-Leste
Lesson steps
  1. Brief (5 mins)
    Students set themselves a minimum target and challenge target in their books.
  2. Debate (20 mins)
    Students have a debate. One student representative of each of the different stakeholders comes to front of class and reads their one-minute presentations produced last lesson. Following this, the class and other stakeholders have a chance to ask questions and put their views across.
  3. Long answer question (25 mins)
    Using the information on the Student Sheets students complete the long answer question. The question offers two possible options of an MPA, and the students must compare and contrast them.
  4. Self-reflection (10 mins)
    Students to consider how the whole unit has impacted their thoughts on protecting coral reefs, and how even places far from home can have a wider impact on their lives.