How are members of the community affected by MPAs?

Lesson Overview

Following on from last lesson, students consider the impact of biodiversity protection methods on different groups of people by watching a series of stakeholder videos. They go on to prepare arguments for a debate in the next lesson. The context of the lesson is the proposal for a new community Marine Protected Area in Com and what different people think about this.

Learning outcomes
  • Describe how different people use the reef
  • Describe how a no-take zone would affect different stakeholders
  • Explain why a stakeholder might be for or against an MPA on the reef
  • Consider the impact of the MPA on a range of stakeholders and justify the decision to place an MPA in Com, Timor-Leste
Lesson steps

Brief (5 mins)
Students set themselves a minimum target and challenge target in their books, highlighting their expected progress. Students bullet point ideas as to what they think different members of the community want from the coral reef.

Stakeholder’s views (20 mins)
While watching the videos from the different reef stakeholders, students complete the table thinking about how the MPAs affect the different stakeholders.

Preparing arguments (20 mins)
Using information from the videos, students prepare an argument from a stakeholders’ point of view.

Tweeting (10 mins)
Students demonstrate their learning by composing a tweet about what they have learned.

Self-reflection (5 mins)
Students decide if they have met their targets set at the beginning of the lesson and reflect on the lesson’s importance in the context of the unit of work by answering the questions.