How can humans indirectly threaten reefs?

Lesson overview

In this lesson students will develop their understanding of indirect threats to coral reefs, such as climate change, which causes the sea temperatures to rise and coral bleaching to occur. The context of the lesson is how human activities outside of Com village could be harming the local reef.

Learning outcomes
  • List human actions which can have an indirect impact on reefs.
  • Define and use the terms ‘coral bleaching’, ‘sedimentation’, ‘turbidity’ ‘global warming’ and ‘ocean acidification’ correctly.
  • Explain the cause and impact of a range of threats.
Lesson steps
  1. Crown-of-thorns starfish (10 mins)
    Students set themselves targets based on the learning criteria of the lesson. Using the clues work out what has caused the crown-of-thorns starfish explosion.
  2. Indirect threats (25 mins)
    Using the information available at the different stations and watching the videos students are to complete the different activities and questions on the activities Sheet. Using the red, yellow and green cards students participate in the traffic lights game to assess their learning and understanding.
  3. GCSE Style Exam Question (15 mins)
    Students demonstrate their learning by answering the exam question. Using the mark scheme students peer assess each other’s answer.
  4. Self-reflection (10 mins)
    Students decide if they have met their targets set at the beginning of the lesson and reflect on the lesson’s importance to the context of the unit of work and answer the questions.