Our Ocean Planet


Coral expedition: wonders of coral

Enjoy the wonders of this unique environment

How have penguins adapted?

What makes penguin feathers so special?

Images & galleries

UK marine landmarks

Explore some of the UK's marine landmarks

UK marine habitat zones

Find out about the different marine habitats around the UK

UK marine life

Explore the diversity of UK marine life

UK marine life interactive

Learn about the diversity of life in the UK's seas.

Using our seas interactive

Learn about the different ways we use the seas around us.

Seven wonders of the marine world

Do you know the seven wonders of the sea?

The water cycle

Why is the water cycle important to us?

Water cycle data

Where is there more precipitation and why?

Coral life

Find out more about the amazing variety of life on the reef

Coral life (advanced)

Coral life gallery with additional taxonomic and behavioural information

Beach litter

What rubbish do we find on the world’s beaches?

Marine plastic pollution

Understand some of the impacts of marine plastics

Penguin adaptations

How are penguins suited to the Antarctic?

Penguin evolution

Penguin evolution described through a series of illustrations

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