Google Expedition

Modern Foreign languages | Ages 14-16

This unit will use 360 degree images from Google Expeditions to give the students the opportunities to explore a number recognisable landscapes such as Antarctica and locations San Diego Zoo to give the lesson a context which may be more relatable.


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Google Expeditions

Lesson 1: Le Manchot

Students will explore Antarctica and make observations about the features of penguins.

Lesson 2: Château de Versailles

Students will explore the Palace of Versailles, identifying the main parts of the castle and the key protagonists in the life of the castle.

Lesson 3: Une journée au zoo

Students will explore San Diego Zoo, investigating the animals that live there and the roles of the staff who work there.

Lesson 4: Sept nouvelles merveilles du monde

Students will explore the 7 New Wonders of the World and practice Pronoms Interrogatifs.

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