How can governments plan for a low carbon future? Part one

Lesson overview

This summary lesson sees students work in groups to propose how a low carbon future could be achieved through carefully planned electricity production. Working in small groups students will consider how electricity should be generated in the future as part of a low carbon strategy. Students will need to evaluate different strategies to ensure that their proposals are robust enough to cope with the risks identified in the research. This research will be presented in the next lesson. Students will need access to computers for research, planning and creating a presentation.

Learning outcomes
  • Assess the need for low carbon electricity generation
  • Propose methods for generating electricity in the future
  • Evaluate strategies to manage any risks involved
Lesson steps
  1. Introduction (5 mins)

    Students go through the lesson objectives.

  2. Framing the task (5 mins)

    During this lesson, students will be developing their presentations. Take the opportunity to review expectations, assessment criteria and to ensure that students have access to a device for online research.

  3. Research (25 mins)

    Students use the proposal frame to develop ideas for their proposals.

  4. Plan and slideshow (20 mins)

    Students will work as a group to write a plan for their presentations and start working on their presentations.

  5. Consolidation (5 mins)

    Ask each student group to identify the work they need to complete before the presentation lesson.