How can governments plan for a low carbon future? Part two

Lesson overview

In their small groups, students will be presenting their ideas for a low carbon future to the class. Each student group will evaluate the other presentations. Once the presentations are finished, students will reflect on the whole experience. They need to consider what they contributed, what they discovered, what sources of information they used, and what they might change.

Learning outcomes
  • Propose an energy solution for a low carbon future
  • Present with confidence and clarity, providing evidence for your ideas
  • Evaluate success for yourself and others using criteria
Lesson steps
  1. Introduction (5 mins)

    Students go through the lesson objectives.

  2. Framing the task (5 mins)

    Students ensure that each student knows exactly what they are doing during the presentation

  3. Research (25 mins)

    Students present their slideshows t the rest of the class. As groups are presenting, the rest of the class will peer assess each group.

  4. Plan and slideshow (20 mins)

    Students evaluate their performance in the slideshow, and contribution to the group work.

  5. Consolidation (5 mins)

    Students will work in a team to draw a diagram. They will have only a small amount of time to remember what they can about the diagram.