What are the issues with renewable energy?

Lesson overview

Renewable energy is currently responsible for approximately 30% of energy production in the UK. This figure has steadily risen since 1990, but is the increase enough? Can we produce enough energy via renewable sources to meet energy needs? What are the issues faced when generating renewable energy? In this lesson students will evaluate the positives and negatives of renewable energy production. They will also consider how renewable energy is affected by the weather.

Learning outcomes
  • Map the location of renewable energy production
  • Consider the threats to the production of renewable energy
  • Explain the effectiveness of renewable energy production
Lesson steps
  1. Introduction (5 mins)

    Students go through the lesson objectives. Use this time to test students’ memory of what they have learned so far.

  2. Renewable energy in the UK (20 mins)

    Students map where renewable energy is generated in the UK. Students describe the location and distribution of the renewable energy production locations.

  3. Weather in UK regions (20 mins)

    Students annotate a map of the UK with regional weather and climate data, identifying any distinct differences. Students then consider how the climate variations across the map affect the effectiveness of the renewable energy production.

  4. Evaluation (10 mins)

    Students evaluate the effectiveness of renewable energy generation. Students consider whether the UK is able to generate enough energy to meet demand.

  5. Exam question (5 mins)
    Students answer an exam question.