What will our future energy needs be?

Lesson overview

In this lesson students will be thinking about what our energy needs may be in the future, and how we will generate enough energy to meet those needs. Students will also study a diagram from an academic journal article to evaluate the reliability of renewable forms of energy.

Learning outcomes
  • Outline the generation and storage of renewable energies
  • Predict future energy demand
  • Evaluate the reliability of renewable energy
Lesson steps
  1. Introduction (5 mins)

    Share the lesson objectives. Recap the unit of work and what has been covered so far.

  2. Renewable energy recap (10 mins)

    Students recap their knowledge and understanding of renewable energy.

  3. Future energy needs (15 mins)

    Students predict the amount of electricity that will be consumed in the future. They will need to take into account social and economic changes.

  4. Reliability of renewable energy (20 mins)

    Students study one of the diagrams from the journal article written by the research team. They examine the reliability of two different forms of renewable energy that vary output with weather conditions.

  5. Exam question (10 mins)

    Students answer an exam question and peer assess each other’s answers.