What impacts the weather of NW Europe?

Lesson overview

In this lesson students will use all their knowledge of weather systems, and use a variety of satellite maps of Northwestern Europe to predict the weather for the next day. Students will then go on to use satellite images to describe the weather of Northwestern Europe and explain what has caused this weather and what conditions would be expected as a result of what is shown on the satellite images.

Learning outcomes
  • Label the countries in Northwestern Europe
  • Describe and explain the climate of different countries in Northwestern Europe
  • Explain what could affect variations of weather and climate in Europe
Lesson steps
  1. Introduction (5 mins)

    Share the learning outcomes of the lesson.

  2. Northwestern Europe (10 mins)

    Students will use atlases to label the countries on a map of Northwestern Europe.

  3. Climate of Northwestern Europe (25 mins)

    Students look at the climate data for Northwestern Europe. Students analyse the data, identifying the hottest, wettest, driest countries. Students use isobar maps for Northwestern Europe to predict the weather for the following day.

  4. Factors affecting weather (10 mins)

    Students work in pairs and discuss how the location of the jet stream will cause different types of extreme weather in the UK.

  5. Plenary (10 mins)

    Students demonstrate their learning by completing an exam question.