What are the factors of the coral reef ecosystem?

Lesson overview

This lesson will introduce students to abiotic and biotic factors of the coral reef ecosystem. In this lesson students will gain a detailed understanding of a variety of abiotic and biotic factors. By the end of the lesson students will be able to describe those factors and begin to identify ways actions of humans will affect the ecosystem.

Learning outcomes

  • Define the key terms – abiotic and biotic
  • Describe how the abiotic components, work within the ecosystem. E.g. nutrient cycle
  • Describe how the biotic components, work within the ecosystems. E.g. Food web or humans
  • Identify the components within the coral reef ecosystem
  • Explain the interrelationships of different factors within the ecosystem

Lesson steps

  1. Introduction (5 mins)
    Students to review the learning objectives.
  2. Key words (5 minutes)
    Students to match up the key words with the definitions.
  3. Abiotic Components (15 mins)
    Students to read the information sheet about abiotic factors and complete the table.
  4. Biotic Components (25 mins)
    Students to use the information in the Gallery – Coral Life (advanced) to complete the table.
  5. Consolidating (10 mins)
    The students to use the diagram on the slideshow and explain interrelationship between the different factors on the coral reef.