How do humans use coral reefs?

Lesson overview

This lesson will look at how the goods and services of a coral reef are used globally and within Timor-Leste with a study of the economic value of the coral reef and developing an understanding of how that economic value is calculated. This lesson will also develop an understanding of what is meant by different services provided by the coral reef.

Learning outcomes

  • Describe the economic value of the coral reefs
  • Explain the economic value of the coral reefs
  • Draw a graph showing the comparative economic value of coral reefs to other global ecosystems (Tropical Rainforests)
  • List the ways humans use the coral reefs globally and in Timor-Leste

Lesson steps

  1. Introduction to the lesson (5 mins)
    Students to review the learning objectives.
  2. Ecosystems economic value (5 mins)
    Students guess which ecosystem has the greatest economic value.
  3. Comparing the value of tropical rainforests to coral reefs (15 mins)
    Students to draw a pie chart using the instructions on the board. Students to describe the pie chart and findings compared to their original ideas.
  4. How economically valuable are coral reefs? (20 mins)
    Students to compare the goods and services provided by coral reefs. Following that students will draw a bar graph showing the value of the goods and services provided by the coral reef.
  5. How are coral reefs used in Timor-Leste? (5 mins)
    Students to watch the video and add notes to the table. These notes are focused on how the coral reef in Timor-Leste is used.
  6. Summarise learning (10 mins)
    Students to write a paragraph arguing whether or not coral reefs should be protected.
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