Frozen Oceans at home

Cross-curricular | Ages 7-11

This lesson toolkit focuses on the Arctic for children ages 7-11. These lessons can be mixed and matched to fit your child’s interests or school topics. However, we recommend going through the first two overview lessons to lay the foundation for understanding the ocean and the Arctic. Don't forget to join Arctic Live to ask researchers questions directly.

Lesson 1: Our ocean voyage

Students learn about the names and locations of the world’s oceans before looking at some of the major marine features.

Lesson 2: Arctic Ocean and the water cycle

Students will visit the Arctic Ocean and learn about the water cycle. They will conduct a practical to link the ideas of temperature and evaporation.

Lesson 3: What organisms live in the Arctic?

Students develop their understanding of simple food chains or webs and scientific vocabulary through making an Arctic life mobile.

Lesson 4: How do humans and animals keep warm in the Arctic?

Students investigate the insulating properties of materials and consider how the adaptations of Arctic organisms help develop these.

Lesson 5: How is the Arctic changing?

Students learn about the impacts of ice in the Arctic melting by watching a series of demonstrations.

Lesson 6: Captain's log

Students will create and deliver a presentation about their (Arctic) ocean voyage. They will learn presentation skills including delivery and slide…

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