What if I could make a School for All?

Lesson overview

The first lesson in the My Voice – My School project sets the context for the unit and informs students about the concept of a quality education and introduces the UN Global Goals. Students explore how their ideas on A School for All will develop through linking with a partner school and through conducting surveys and interviews.

Learning outcomes

  • Students can list reasons why they think education is important
  • Some students may be able to justify their opinions
  • Students know about and can reflect on the education experience of other young people
  • Students know about the UN Global Goals
  • Students can evaluate their education
  • Students can relate global issues to their personal experience

Lesson steps

  1. Why is education important? (10 mins)
    Class discussion on the importance of education. Students should be prompted to justify their opinions where possible.
  2. Introducing My Voice-My School (10 mins)
    Introduce students to the My Voice-My School project using the overview video.
  3. The global education context (5 mins)
    Explain about the context of the UN Global Goals. Extend this activity by looking at the human rights basis for education.
  4. What makes a School for All?
    Introduce students to the four questions they will need to consider for a school for the world and then judge these ideas as being universal and inclusive.
  5. How do global debates relate to me?
    Ask students to share their ideas and how explain how the UN Global Goals relate to them personally.