How can we include everyone's ideas?

Lesson overview

During this lesson, students are introduced to the idea of using surveys to make their ideas more inclusive. Working in groups, the team plan how to survey their school and local community. In Lesson 5, student groups will analyse these survey results and use this information to inform their school designs.

Learning outcomes

  • Students can plan independent learning
  • Students understand the need for engaging the school community
  • Students know about a range of survey tools
  • Students can design and implement a survey

Lesson steps

  1. An inclusive and universal school (10 mins)
    Students review the questions and values that are needed for their ‘school for the world’ as well as reflect on their learning from the video call.
  2. Different survey techniques (15 mins)
    Students learn about a range of survey techniques to use to design their inclusive school.
  3. Designing a survey (30 mins)
    Working in groups, students design their surveys to gain input from the school and wider community.
  4. Agreeing on next steps
    Students agree the next steps in the project for conducting their surveys successfully.