How can we learn from others?

Lesson overview

This lesson sees students develop their questioning skills in advance of their first online meeting with their partner school. Through investigating different question types students will refine their interview questions prepared for the first video call.

Learning outcomes

  • Students consider how they will prepare for the video call
  • Students can develop appropriate interview questions
  • Students can manage an interview
  • Students finalise their preparation for the video call

Lesson steps

  1. Meet your partner students (10 mins)
    Connect this lesson’s learning to the previous lesson on My Voice-My School and the UN Global Goals. Use any shared multimedia to introduce your class to their partner school.
  2. Open and closed questions (10 mins)
    Develop students’ interview questions through introducing them to the idea of open and closed questions.
  3. How to create dialogue (10 mins)
    Introduce students to techniques that will help create dialogue during the video call, rather it being a series of stop / start questions and answers.
  4. Interview skills practice (20 mins)
    Using group work, students practise their interview skills and apply the theory they have learned.
  5. Decide interview questions (5 mins)
    Student groups finalise the questions they wish to ask the students from their partner school.
  6. Create class guidelines (5 mins)
    Ask students to consider what guidelines they should have for the video call.
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