What are the views of our school community?

Lesson overview

During this lesson, students will analyse the results of their surveys using simple charts and visualisations. These will be used as the basis for the second video call in the following lesson.

Learning outcomes

  • Students reflect on the experience of conducting a survey
  • Students know about different types of chart and visualisations
  • Students can use charts to communicate effectively
  • Students plan how to use date to communicate with their partner school

Lesson steps

  1. Reviewing our surveys (10 mins)
    Students reflect on the surveys and share any learnings from the process. This may have been the first chance to conduct this kind of work.
  2. Different chart techniques (15 mins)
    Students learn about the range of different chart techniques that they can use to turn their data into something that is easier to understand and communicate.
  3. Creating our charts (30 mins)
    Working in pairs, students create charts or other data visualisations based on their surveys. These will be used for the next video call.
  4. Preparing for the video call (5 mins)
    Students agree the next steps in the project for conducting their surveys successfully.