How do we design a model School for All?

Lesson overview

Students design their school for the world. They will use the inputs from their partner class and the community surveys to inform the design process. Once the design has been finalised, they will then make a physical model of their ideal school over the next two weeks under guided supervision.

Learning outcomes

  • Students can include values in a design
  • Students can follow a design brief
  • Students can use criteria to create a solution
  • Students plan their next steps

Lesson steps

  1. School design stimulus (15 mins)
    Students review examples of innovative school design from around the world, sharing what they like and don’t like and what they feel could be universal and inclusive.
  2. Meeting design criteria (20 mins)
    Students consider how the four questions can be answered by their school designs and are introduced to the double-diamond design tool.
  3. Design planning (15 mins)
    Students plan how their school design will become a reality.
  4. Next steps (10 mins)
    Students share the tasks they need to complete over the next sessions to complete their school for the world models.