What are the impacts of coral reef destruction?

Lesson overview

This lesson will look at the impacts of coral reef destruction, categorising those impacts. We discover the impacts to different stake holders in Timor Leste through watching videos Students will then write a letter to their local MP informing them of the threats the coral reefs are facing and why they need protection.

Learning outcomes

  • Remember some of the threats to coral reefs.
  • Describe the impacts of coral reef destruction.
  • Explain the short term and long-term consequences of the loss of the coral reef.
  • Predict a strategy to mitigate the threats to coral reefs.

Lesson steps

  1. Threats recap (5 minutes)
    Students as a class to make two lists of the threats of the coral reef destruction. The local and global threats.
  2. Impacts of coral reef destruction (10 minutes)
    Students to categorise the impacts of coral reefs found on the student sheet.
  3. Impacts of coral reef destruction in Timor Leste. (20 minutes)
    Students to watch the videos and make notes of the different impacts of coral reefs on Timor Leste in a spider diagram.
  4. Consolidation and evaluation of information. (15 minutes)
    Students to write a letter to their local MP. This task will get students to evaluate the impacts as they must be selective with what they will write to their MP.
  5. Mitigation (10 minutes)
    In pairs students to come up with strategies they think are needed to mitigate the issues facing Timor Leste and other named locations. Link the ideas to specific threats mentioned previously in lesson.
    The pairs are then to work with another pair and assess each other’s ideas – identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each other’s work.
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