Coral Oceans

Geography | Ages 14 - 16

Coral Oceans 14-16 Geography delivers a comprehensive understanding of coral reefs. Through the use of our exclusive galleries, videos and online resources, students will develop their knowledge and understanding of what coral reefs are, why they are important and how to protect them. The unit includes challenging lessons on abiotic components such as the nutrient cycle and biotic factors such as food chains. To experience the full impact of this scheme of work it can be taught in advance of our annual Coral Live event.

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Lesson 1: Where is Timor-Leste and why does it have coral reefs?

This lesson is an introduction to Timor Leste, the Coral Triangle and what a coral reef is. Students will learn what conditions are needed for a coral…

Lesson 2: What is the structure of a coral reef?

This first half of this lesson is a more specific study of coral reefs, what a coral polyp is and the formation of a coral atoll. The second half of t…

Lesson 3: What are the factors of the coral reef ecosystem?

A focused study of the components of the coral reef ecosystem.

Lesson 4: How do humans use coral reefs?

This lesson is a study of not only how humans use coral reefs but also the economic value of the different services provided by the coral reefs includ…

Lesson 5: What are the threats to coral reefs?

This lesson will study the threats to coral reefs including local threats in Timor Leste such as dangerous fishing practices and systemic threats such…

Lesson 6: What are the impacts of coral reef destruction?

This lesson is a study of the consequence of coral reef destruction. The lesson will involve classification of those consequences into social, economi…

Lesson 7: How do we mitigate coral reef destruction?

This lesson is a s study of the strategies used globally and in Timor Leste to mitigate the destruction to coral reefs. Students will be using various…

Lesson 8: Assessment

In this lesson the students will complete a 51-mark assessment in the style of the GCSE exam paper.

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