What are our ideas for improving education?

Lesson overview

Student use their research and surveys to select up to three ideas for improving education in their school for their chosen topic and three ideas for their partner school’s topic. Each of their ideas for improving education will need to meet five criteria. These ideas will then be shared with the partner school in he next lesson, before being shared more widely as part of an advocacy campaign.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn from research
  • Apply research to marking decisions
  • Justify decisions in writing
  • Prepare for their second video call

Lesson steps

  1. Share learning from research (15 mins)
    Students share the learning from their surveys and research with the whole class.
  2. Selecting ideas for improving education (15 mins)
    Students work in their groups to select their ideas for improving education.
  3. Using evidence to justify decisions (20 mins)
    Using a writing frame, students justify their selection of ideas for improving education. The last stage of the writing frame asks students to think of questions to ask their partner school about their ideas for improving education.
  4. Preparing for the video call (10 mins)
    Students use their work so far to come up with questions for receiving feedback during their second video call.