How can we make our voices heard?

Lesson overview

Students design their advocacy campaign for improving education for all. They will use this plan to share their ideas for improving education more widely in their community, regionally or nationally.

Learning outcomes

  • Use peer feedback to improve their ideas
  • Know about different advocacy methods
  • Develop an advocacy campaign
  • Use SMART targets to implement their plan

Lesson steps

  1. Using feedback to improve ideas (15 mins)
    Students share the learning from work together to use the feedback from their video calls to improve their ideas.
  2. Selecting a campaign method (10 mins)
    Discuss the different methods for advocacy and select one of these for your group.
  3. Creating an advocacy campaign (20 mins)
    Work together in your group to develop an advocacy campaign that you will put into practice next week.
  4. Setting SMART targets (15 mins)
    Each group creates SMART targets to help them deliver their advocacy campaign.