How can we make a difference?

Lesson overview

Students create their end of project reports in the form of a press release and take a chance to reflect on the learning and highlights from the past weeks. These outputs will be shared with the media and decision makers. They will then share these press releases, with reflections on their experiences and ideas in a final video call.

Learning outcomes

  • Know about the conventions of a press release
  • Create their own press release about their project
  • Communicate with an external audience
  • Reflect on the process

Lesson steps

  1. How a press release works (10 mins)
    Explain to students the context of a press release and also some of the basic conventions.
  2. Writing a press release (30 mins)
    Students use this knowledge and the writing frame to write their own press releases.
  3. Reviewing the press release (10 mins)
    Students review and share their press releases prior to sharing.
  4. Reflecting on the project overall (10 mins)
    Students reflect and provide feedback on the project overall.