What does a quality education mean to you?

Lesson overview

This introductory lesson for the My Voice-My School project has two aims. Students will be introduced to the project and the context of education globally. My Voice-My School puts student voice at the heart of the global debate on education and involves examining the basis for universal access to a 'quality education' including the United Nations Global Goals.

Learning outcomes

  • Give reasons for the importance of education and justify their opinions.
  • Reflect on the education experience of other young people.
  • Understand the Global Goals.
  • Evaluate the Global Goals 4 targets.
  • Relate global issues to their personal experience.

Lesson steps

  1. Why is education important? (10 mins)
    Class discussion on the importance of education. Students should be prompted to justify their opinions.
  2. Introducing My Voice-My School (15 mins)
    Introduce students to the My Voice-My School project using the overview video.
  3. The global education context (10 mins)
    Explain how Child Rights and international agreements such as the Global Goals support the right of all children to a quality education.
  4. What makes a quality education (15 mins)
    Students work in groups to decide what makes a good education. The word ‘quality’ is used in formal debates on this topic.
  5. How do global debates relate to me? (10 mins)
    Ask each group to share their ideas and explain how their universal ideas relate to them personally.