What is education like where you live?

Lesson overview

Students will conduct their first video chat lesson with their partner school. During this call, students will exchange information about their life and learning in their different communities. The students will cover three main topics: hobbies and pastimes; home and family; and school and education. The first two are important for breaking the ice between the two classrooms, with the third topic on education more central to the joint project between the classes.

Learning outcomes

  • Prepare for the video interview
  • Use interview skills to learn from others
  • Reflect on using ICT to communicate across borders

Lesson steps

  1. Preparing for the video call (5 mins)
    Review the class guidelines and questions from the previous lesson.
  2. Video Call (45 mins)
    Work through the discussion topics with your partner class via video chat.
  3. Review (10 mins)
    Review the lesson with your class and reflect on this unique experience.