How can education be improved?

Lesson overview

Student select an area of focus for their education advocacy campaign. This should be an area of interest based on conversations in the first video call. Working in groups, students plan how to survey their school and local community and research an idea for improving education. This will form the basis for developing ideas for improving education in the following lesson.

Learning outcomes

  • Select a topic focus based on a variety of inputs
  • Design and implement a survey
  • Know about reliability and usefulness in research
  • Plan independent learning

Lesson steps

Selecting an education focus (15 mins)
Students select an area of education to focus on based on their learning in the first three lessons.

Designing a survey (25 mins)
Students learn about surveys and design and implement their own to gain input on education from the school or wider community.

Developing research skills (10 mins)
Students are introduced to research skills and given a list of online research ideas.

Agreeing on next steps (10 mins)
Students agree the next steps in the project both for conducting the survey and further online research.