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Live Investigation - Reefs under threat (AM)
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Live Investigation - Reefs under threat (AM)

This session illustrates how the increase in carbon dioxide in the ocean is lowering pH levels, thus impacting marine life. The first activity Ocean acidification in a cup shows how water becomes more acidic when carbon dioxide is bubbled through it. The second activity Dissolving ‘coral’ and ‘shells’ in vinegar explains how acidic substances can ‘dissolve’ coral reefs and shells which protect ocean life.

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18 Nov - 20 Dec
11-15 November

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It really was an incredible opportunity and we felt really privileged to take part. All the supporting materials on the website were amongst the best I have used and gave us so many ideas for activities in the classroom."
Thomas Billingham, Teacher,
Olney Middle School, UK
It was so much better than watching a video or reading a book, because it was live and the information was up to date."
Jenny (age 12), Student,
Colegio Maya, Guatemala City, Guatemala
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