Encounter Live

Pioneering Learning Experiences

Bring learning and science to life, and connect your students to the frontiers of learning from the Arctic to the coral reef, interacting directly with explorers and scientists.

Each Encounter Live event combines live video-links, with Encounter Edu's resources, videos and virtual reality content to create an engaging and integrated approach to learning.

Upcoming Events

18 Nov - 20 Dec, 2019

Plastic Free Christmas 2019

Plastic Free Christmas 2019 is a five-week, cross-curricular programme designed to enable students aged 7-11 to explore how plastics are made, used, and disposed of. Join us to discover how you can encourage your students to become sustainable advocates, through a series of live webinars with experts and cross-curricular activities.

Each week there is a different theme that is explored through one webinar, where students can ask an industry expert their own questions, and two full lessons for you to complete with your students independently.

How do you get involved?

Booking webinars is a two part process. Select the webinar you would like to join, from those listed below, and press book now. This confirms attendance allowing us to give your class a shout out and a way for you to pre-submit questions. On the same webinar booking page, follow the Zoom link to register for the webinar. On the day you click the link and join in the discussion with the expert.

What classroom resources are available?

There are two lessons each week which correspond with the weekly broadcast topics.

Download the lessons

Archived Events

11 - 15 Nov, 2019

AXA XL Coral Live 2019

AXA XL Coral Live is an annual live education from the CARMABI biodiversity and marine research station that gives teachers a fresh way to build literacy, practice working scientifically, inspire STEM careers and develop environmental stewardship among students. Running for a fourth year, the programme welcomed thousands of students from around the world who partook in the 25 live lessons offered for free over a weeklong period.

1 - 8 May, 2019

AXA XL Arctic Live 2019

AXA XL Arctic Live 2019 ran from 1 - 8 May. The Encounter Edu team live-streamed from the UK Arctic Research Station on Svalbard, to bring life and science in the frozen north to thousands of students globally.

Teachers shared ongoing field work by researchers from the University of Exeter and Plymouth Marine Laboratory with their primary and secondary students through the age-differentiated broadcasts.

25 - 29 Mar, 2019

Submarine Live 2019

Submarine Live connected thousands of students across the globe to the Nekton First Descent team, as they investigated the uncharted depths of the Indian Ocean around the Seychelles archipelago.

29 Oct - 9 Nov, 2018

Coral Live 2018

From 29 October through 09 November, AXA Coral Live connected students globally and enabled them to discuss science and geography with Encounter Edu field education team and marine scientists live streaming from CARMABI Research Centre from the island of Curaçao in the Caribbean.

1 - 10 May, 2018

Arctic Live 2018

Encounter Edu and the science expedition team travelled on April 29th to the most northerly permanent settlement in the world to bring the latest polar science to the fore. Over 21,000 students connected live to the science research aimed at increasing understanding of the impact of plastic pollution and ocean acidification on the marine ecosystem.

12 Sep 2017 - 30 Apr, 2018

My Voice-My School 2017

Running for a fourth year, My Voice-My School amplified the voices of over 300 students from 15 schools in the UK, Norway and Belgium who partnered with UNRWA schools in Syria and Gaza. During the virtual exchange programme, students in Europe and Palestine refugees shared their ideas about what quality education means to them and worked on advocacy projects to solve challenges in their own education environment. For the first time, the programme successfully ran in two elementary schools, one in Flanders and one in Gaza, where kids advocated for their own model of a universal school that is inclusive and welcoming to all students.

30 Oct - 10 Nov, 2017

Coral Live 2017

In November 2017, XL Catlin Coral Live took more than 10,000 globally to a virtual trip in Bermuda. Through one-to-one video encounters and live broadcasts, teachers, students and researchers engaged in a lively global conversation about coral science and our impact on this fragile environment. Guest speakers were top marine scientists and explorers from Bermuda and across the globe.

7 - 16 Mar, 2017

Arctic Live 2017

Between 7-16 March 2017 over 10,000 young people of all ages from five continents participated in the XL Catlin Arctic Live event. This was an exciting learning experience connecting schools in 19 countries with members of an expedition team based at the UK Arctic Research Station managed by the British Antarctic Survey, as well as with polar explorers and scientists from the UK and Norway.

6 Jun - 6 Sep, 2016

My Voice-My School 2016

Over the course of five months, students from schools in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, UK and USA gained inspiration and a sense of solidarity across borders from their peers from Lebanon, Syria and Gaza. For Palestine refugees, meeting their peers from a different country has been a welcome break from isolation and conflict. In total, 220 young people worked on team projects that brought a change in their schools and their voices were heard in media outlets like the BBC Spotlight.

7 - 17 Mar, 2016

Arctic Live 2016

In March 2016, over 10,000 children and young people connected live with Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop in the UK Arctic Research Station in Svalbard and with marine biologists based in the UK. Students had the chance to see the vast, snowy landscape of the Arctic and ask anything they wanted from ‘have you seen a polar bear?’ to in-depth questions about climate change and the impact of human activities on the Arctic.

3 Sep - 13 Dec, 2015

My Voice-My School 2015

In 2015, Palestine Refugee students from three schools in Syria met online with their peers from schools in London and Brussels to share their stories and advocate for their own education and future. One of the Skype conversations between students in Damascus and London was covered by the BBC School report, CNN and Mashable, highlighting a strong need for empathy and mutual understanding amid times of crisis for Syrian refugees.

4 - 15 May, 2015

Arctic Live 2015

The team returned to the Arctic for a second year to share the spectacular beauty of this unique ecosystem with over 4,000 young people across the world via Skype in the classroom. Older students discovered exciting science career paths from polar scientists working at the British Antarctic Survey, Plymouth Marine Laboratory and Exeter University.

21 - 31 Jan, 2015

Coral Live 2015

In January 2015, the first Coral Live event brought the XL Catlin Seaview Survey expedition from Southeast Asia’s Coral Triangle closer to 3,000 students globally. They interacted via Skype in the classroom with the expedition team in East Timor and scientists based at the University of Queensland, Australia.

26 Aug - 16 Nov, 2014

My Voice-My School 2014

In 2014, UNRWA and Digital Explorer (now Encounter Edu) piloted the idea of connecting Palestine Refugee students from Syria in UNRWA schools in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria with their peers in the UK in an effort to promote solidarity, understanding and highlight the degradation of education in Syria. Over 100 students broke the physical barriers and connected via Skype in the classroom to learn about each other, beyond media stereotypes, and share their own thoughts about what education means to them.

21 Apr - 1 May, 2014

Arctic Live 2014

During the first Arctic Live event we joined Dr Helen Findlay and her team from the Plymouth Marine Laboratory and Plymouth University, at the UK Arctic Research Station on Svalbard. Thousands of students connected live via Skype to the Arctic research expedition, investigating the continuing impacts of climate change on the Arctic Ocean.

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