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What's your bag?

What are the pros and cons of using plastic bags or the alternatives?

Seven types of plastic

This diagram demonstrates the properties, recyclability and toxicity of the seven types of plastic

Ocean plastics facts and figures

Explore the facts and figures surrounding ocean plastics pollution

Life cycle of a plastic bottle

Discover the journey of a plastic bottle from raw materials to recycling, landfill or litter.

Global plastics production

Learn about the history of global plastic production

Where does plastic come from?

Follow the production process from crude oil to the products we use every day

How is plastic recycled?

Find out how plastic bottles are turned into new clothing

How are plastic bottles made?

Discover the stages involved in plastic bottle manufacturing

Fantastic plastic

Explore some of the versatile and ingenious uses for plastic that have changed our world

Timor-Leste MPA Google Map

Habitat zonation and marine protected areas around Com

Coral response to future temperatures

Find out how corals could be affected by future changes in ocean temperature and ocean chemistry

Octopus at dawn

In the early morning, the community of Com in Timor-Leste glean͛ the reef shallows for food

Zones on the reef interactive

What factors affect zonation on the reef?

Deep ocean poster

Life deep below the sea surface

Living reef

​This ocean safari offers you a peek at some of our favourite underwater animals, or the "big 8".

The Great Barrier Reef

Explore one of the seven wonders of the natural world

Unveiling the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are one of the most biologically diverse and unique places on the planet

Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are a coral cay archipelago located off the southern coast of Florida

The Mexican barrier reef

Explore the habitats of one of the largest natural reef in the world

Belize, UNESCO Marine World Heritage

Discover the underwater beauties of the Mesoamerican Reef

Bermuda's corals and the Gulf Stream

The isolated location of Bermuda has had a marked effect on the corals that surround the island

Ocean experts

Find out about some of the ocean explorers, scientists and experts working with us

Look inside our self-driving car interactive

What's happening inside a self-driving car?

Comparing my mBot to a driverless car interactive

How is the mBot similar to a driverless car? How is it different?

Submarine science

How do you explore the deep sea?

Exploring our seas - Life aboard

Join the Nekton research team as they explore the waters off Bermuda

Diving in a submarine

Get ready to ‘Dive! Dive! Dive!’

Agincourt Reef Google Maps

Explore this section of the Great Barrier Reef

Penguin adaptations interactive

Learn about penguin features that have contributed to their survival


Sharks have a notorious reputation, and they are certainly well-adapted to hunting their prey

Coral bleaching

Learn about the fragility of precious ecosystem

Coral highlights

Food from below

How living organism can survive gushing super-heated chemical fluids into the deep sea?

Food from above

In the dark depths of the ocean, where does the food come from?

Map of the world’s coral reefs

Why do coral reefs only grow in these areas?

Zones on the reef

What factors affect zonation on the reef?

Great Barrier Reef 2012: Expedition map

Why did the expedition only go to some of the reefs?

Coral feeding

How does coral get its energy?

Coral reef quadrat survey

How might you use a quadrat on fieldwork?

Life around the vent

What is chemosynthesis?

Coral life (advanced)

Coral life gallery with additional taxonomic and behavioural information

Deep sea creatures

Where does your food come from?

Deep reef survey

Deep diving and underwater robots to explore the deep reef

Adaptation on the reef

Learn how different creatures have adapted to life on the reef

Shapes and patterns on the coral reef

A gallery focusing on the variety of structures, patterns and textures seen on the reef

Coral life cycle

Find out how corals grow and reproduce

Coral threats

Discover some of the threats facing the coral habitat

Dive signs

Master your dive signs to become an underwater explorer


Enjoy the diversity in the wonderful world of sea slugs or nudibranchs

Reef scales

From tiny polyps to hundreds of miles, discover the different scales in the coral ecosystem

Researching the reef

Find out how the XL Catlin Seaview Survey team conducted their research

Coral life

Find out more about the amazing variety of life on the reef

Expedition inside an Arctic glacier

Follow this immersive 360 journey into an Arctic glacier

Changes in the Arctic Ocean

Explore how changes in the Arctic could affect ocean circulation


How toxins build up through the food web

Sources of microplastics

Where do microplastics come from?

Carbon stores

Where is carbon stored?

Energy flow in the marine community

Discover how energy flows through the marine ecosystem

The marine carbon cycle

What would happen in the carbon cycle if there were no zooplankton?

The water cycle

Why is the water cycle important to us?

Water cycle data

Where is there more precipitation and why?

Beach litter

What rubbish do we find on the world’s beaches?

Map of ocean currents

How does the Gulf Stream affect the British climate?

Political map of the Arctic

How many countries border the Arctic Ocean?

Changing sea surface pH

Present sea-surface pH

Arctic sea ice

Explore past and predicted changes in Arctic sea ice

Sea surface salinity

Map of varying salt levels across the oceans

Sea surface temperature

Map of varying sea surface temperatures

Thermohaline circulation

Why is thermohaline circulation so important?

UK marine life

Explore the diversity of UK marine life

Microplastics lab work

Find what takes place in a marine plastics lab

Seven wonders of the marine world

Do you know the seven wonders of the sea?

UK marine landmarks

Explore some of the UK's marine landmarks

Marine plastic pollution

Understand some of the impacts of marine plastics

Microplastics field research

What are microplastics?

Trawling for copepods

Follow a day in the life of an Arctic researcher looking at plankton

Explorer team travel

How to explorers cross the frozen Arctic Ocean

Explorer team science

Learn how science is conducted across the Arctic

Getting ready to go home

Find out the team packed up their Arctic home

Making an ice hole

It's not as easy as it looks...

UK marine habitat zones

Find out about the different marine habitats around the UK

Penguin evolution

Penguin evolution described through a series of illustrations

Using our seas interactive

Learn about the different ways we use the seas around us.

Arctic life interactive

Explore more about the different living things in the Arctic.

UK marine life interactive

Learn about the diversity of life in the UK's seas.

Wonders of ice

Explore the beauty of the Arctic

Life at the Ice Base

What is it like to live at an Ice Base?

Ice Base science

How do scientists work in the remote Arctic?

Polar clothing

What do you wear in the Arctic?

Water sampling

Find out how scientists sample the Arctic Ocean

Penguin adaptations

How are penguins suited to the Antarctic?

Preparing for the cold

How many eggs do you need for an Arctic expedition?

Flying on ice

The joys of flying in the Arctic

Glacier field science

Taking glacier samples involves a lot of shovelling and hacking away

Bicycle winch

Learn why there's a bicycle without wheels in the middle of the Arctic

Behind the scenes

Learn about the life of the explorers behind the scenes at the Ice Base

Arctic team

Do you have what it takes to become a polar explorer?

Arctic life

Meet the wildlife that has adapted to survive in Arctic conditions

Coral ID

Learn how to identify different types of coral

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