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Submarine recovery

Head out on the chase boat to recover a submersible

Seaview Science: The SVII

Learn more about the SVII, the camera used to conduct surveys of the coral reefs.

Seaview Science: Coral coring

Learn about 'coral coring' - the process of dating or ageing corals.

Seaview Science: Monitoring the reef

The science and technology of the XL Catlin Seaview Survey

Seaview Science: Science explained

What different types of science survey will the project be undertaking?

Seaview Science: Importance of coral reefs

Why are coral reefs important?

Coral expedition: Sailing home

How do the team feel about the future of the reef?

Coral expedition: Sharing the science

How does sharing the data help other scientists?

Coral expedition: Navigating the reef

What tools and technology does Captain Frank use to navigate the reef?

Coral expedition: Setting sail

What kind of people make up the team?

A rude awakening

Ice crack: 'It went right through the middle of the tent'

Investigating the impact of microplastics

​Introducing the issue of marine plastics and its impact

Images & slideshows

Coral response to future temperatures

Find out how corals could be affected by future changes in ocean temperature and ocean chemistry

Ocean experts

Find out about some of the ocean explorers, scientists and experts working with us

Deep reef survey

Deep diving and underwater robots to explore the deep reef

Researching the reef

Find out how the XL Catlin Seaview Survey team conducted their research

Expedition inside an Arctic glacier

Follow this immersive 360 journey into an Arctic glacier

Changes in the Arctic Ocean

Explore how changes in the Arctic could affect ocean circulation


How toxins build up through the food web

Map of ocean currents

How does the Gulf Stream affect the British climate?

Microplastics lab work

Find what takes place in a marine plastics lab

Trawling for copepods

Follow a day in the life of an Arctic researcher looking at plankton

Explorer team travel

How to explorers cross the frozen Arctic Ocean

Explorer team science

Learn how science is conducted across the Arctic


Frozen Oceans X-Curric 7 - 11

Frozen Oceans Geography 11 - 14

Frozen Oceans Science 11 - 14

Frozen Oceans Geography 14 - 16

Frozen Oceans Science 14 - 16

Plankton, Plastics and Poo Science 14 - 16

Coral Oceans Science 7 - 11

Coral Oceans Science 11 - 14

Coral Oceans Geography 14 - 16

Submarine STEM Science 11 - 14

Submarine STEM Science 7 - 11


Lesson 1.

How big and how deep is the ocean?

Lesson 5.

How do you launch a submarine with strong structures?

Lesson 6.

How do you recover a submarine with levers and pulleys?

Lesson 1.

How do scientists explore underwater ecosystems?

Lesson 4.

How do you choose materials for a submarine?

Lesson 3.

What forces affect submarines?

Lesson 2.

What lives in the deep sea?

Lesson 6.

Submarine life support investigation

Lesson 5.

Submarine materials investigation

Lesson 4.

Submarine pressure investigation

Lesson 3.

Submarine launch investigation

Lesson 2.

Submarine buoyancy investigation

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